Best Served Cold…

Mother is being impossible, so I shrieked into the freezer & left it there for a week. It came out frosty and spiky, frozen to the core. The  shriek is now in the fridge, defrosting. We’ll see what mother makes of it when she opens… “AAARGH!” I think she’s found it


Quiche Me Quick

Walls have ears, and these days they have eyes too. Surveillance technology is so advanced that it makes espionage virtually impossible. So, to avoid detection, the spies in this café are communicating through micro-gestures: a barely perceptible eye roll; a twitch of an ear; the clockwise movement of a little finger… all mumbo jumbo toContinue reading “Quiche Me Quick”

Old Tech Problems

Pete has invited Marsha to take a sneaky peek round the apartment he will be renting “Nice place, Pete. It has an arty, antiquated vibe about it. I love… Why is there a tin can hanging from a string on the wall?” “Oh, that’s the  telephone.” “Does it work?” “Well, it hasn’t rung yet.” “I’llContinue reading “Old Tech Problems”