I Can Collect (but I don’t any more)

I used to be a hoarder but thanks to eBay and other auction sites I have managed to pass on these cultural gems to other obsessives. I would say fellow obsessives but I don’t think I’m a hoarder any more – I simply don’t feel the urge to collect obscure things again, these days I’m more interested in rehoming my possessions (to good homes) (and generally for cash) (the more the better).

So, anyway, this group of old blurry photos shows the extent of my soda and beer can collection from the late 80s. Around 400 of them which took four years to accumulate and only 30 minutes to dispose of at the recycling bank. Rumour has it the recycled cans are now enjoying life as airplane parts; at least they’re going up in the world.

Prints of photos I’ve taken,
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