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The Playlist

With two failed groups behind him and struggling to get a decent note out of a guitar, pop stardom seemed a long way off for Jimmy Wenn. But with a dead popstar cousin giving advice; a vamp girlfriend who’s really a faerie princess; and all that business with the tennis racket, it seemed Jimmy had imagined life so differently.

Playlist, a life to the tune of 45rpm 7″ vinyl singles.

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Mind Clearance

Very funny and original short fiction.

“From tweet-length wordplay to email-length flash fiction, this collection is a mind map of an original and very funny creative talent.”


Only the Brits can be as funny as this.

“This book is hilarious, extremely well done. Every short piece is a gem.”

Anthology appearances

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Stories, so far…

Published submissions:

To Boldly Go… Visual Verse Vol.6 Chapter 5 (March 2019)
It’s Lonely at the Top Visual Verse Vol.5 Chapter 6 (April 2018)
Living the Still Life Visual Verse Vol.5 Chapter 2 (December 2017)
All That Glitters is Humbug  Indie Writer’s Review Issue 1 (December 2017)
Closing Down Sale: Everything Must Go Visual Verse Vol.5 Chapter 1 (November 2017)
Stag Weekendski (short story) Visual Verse Vol.4 Chapter 6 (April 2017)
Pass the Buck (short story) Jotters United Issue 26 (April 2017)
Failure is Not an Option (488 word story) The Flash Fiction Press (March 2017)
Ring of Truth (280 word story) in Issue 3 of StrippedLit500 (March 2017)
Which Doctor? (100 word story) at CaféLit (Feb 2017)
It’s Impossible to Spell
 (100 word story) at CaféLit. (April 2016)
Web-based Artist (100 word story) at CaféLit. (May 2015)
Consider Other Passengers (100 word story) at CaféLit. (May 2014)
Having A Rubbish Time (100 word story) at CaféLit. (December 2013)
Shake Your Booty (100 word story) at CaféLit. (August 2013)

I’d Never Have Thought of That (700 word story) in Running Out of Ink (No.9 July 2013 issue) + (Best of issue October 2013) (unfortunately now defunct)


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