Flashing Conversation Stories

Serial Tweet story (2020)

Prompting the Moon

Baby Steps (2020)

Hashtag the Horizon

New Horizons (2020)

Crispy Rooftop Conversations

Selection of Twitter stories (2019)


Selection of Twitter stories (2019)


Selection of Twitter stories (2019)

Underdogs Are Never Over Cats

Selection of Twitter stories (2018-9)
A Very British Problem (2015)

The Best of CaféLit 5

Web-based Artist (2015)

A Quick Read

A-Z and Z-A flash fiction (2015)
Argument With A Sleep Zombie
You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Work Here

New And Different

Eastbourne Book Fest (2014)
Winners and runners-up
This Idea Has Legs* (1st)
The Schoolboy Death* (3rd)
as judged by author Elly Griffith
*both stories written under the name James Thorne

Aspiring Writers

Winners’ Anthology (2013)
Playing the Joker (3rd)
An ‘Unlevel’ Playing Field (1st)

Getting Away With It

Eastbourne writers collection (2013)
Weekend Getaway and Breaking All the Rules

The Word Is Out

Eastbourne Writes winners (2013)
Word (Flash fiction winner)

The Day After

Eastbourne Writes winners (2012)
Tomorrow (Short story runner-up)
Help Me (Flash fiction runner-up)

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