Having to make cuts…

I’ve had this short story for a couple of weeks now and don’t know what to do with it. I was aiming for ultra-short fiction but at 36 words this piece seems a little bloated somewhere around the middle. However, owing to the nature of the subject matter, I’m a little hesitant to cut any more.

See what you think…


bloodbathA Close Shave:

His back twitched and he breathed hard onto the cold mirror, steaming his view. Blood dripped into the bath. He cursed.

The paramedics were dumbfounded
when they arrived:
‘What idiot tries to extract their own kidney?’


This is based on a true story I read in the ’90s.

If this post messed with your mind in a way you liked
but wished you’d have read it after breakfast because now you feel queasy,
then you need to get Better

Bang and the dirt is gone…

There was a challenge on a writing forum to produce a 50-word story that had to end with the phrase ‘With that – she shot him!’
I don’t advocate the use of handguns nor exclamation marks but here is my effort.


target‘The .44 Magnum, one of the most powerful handguns, delivers a large, heavy bullet at high velocity at the expense of recoil, so much so that it is considered unsuitable for shooters of smaller, feminine, weaker build.’ He said, handing her the big gun.
With that – she shot him!