It Worked Out Okay

Dan awoke tied to a chair in a murky basement. A hooded figure stood in the darkest corner, toying with an array of well-maintained torture instruments. The figure turned round to reveal 1) she was a woman, and 2) she held a fiendishly twisted spike in her hand She rotated the spike slowly until itContinue reading “It Worked Out Okay”


No Eggscuse

“Reopen the Humpty Dumpty case. Jack Horner did it!” Police smash through JH’s door with a big red key, drag the little boy from the corner & confiscate his pie. “Y’ got nothin’ on me,” says JH, showing his true colours: a hardened criminal disguised as a little boy. “GUILTY” says the Judge before theyContinue reading “No Eggscuse”

Bad Spirits

Daisy lovingly glued her favourite vase back together for the umpteenth time. Satisfied with her work, she returned it to the mantlepiece and went to fix supper. Left alone, the vase trembled, spun and flew across the room, where it hit the far wall. Smash! The vase gave a shattered sigh, “Bloody poltergeist.” Vases photoContinue reading “Bad Spirits”