A Brush With Love

“Hey, Hoover, what’s wrong with Mop?” “He had to break up with Broom.” “But they were so in love.” “I know, he swept her off her feet but her trashy brother, Dustbin, didn’t approve. Told Mop to back off, else he’d wipe the floor with him.” “Why, the dirty…”


Boris The Spider

I eventually got round to putting the poor guitar in the shed where it stayed for a month. Outta sight, outta mind. A big spider made its web across the sound hole. The web vibrated if you strummed the strings, hit them hard enough and the spider would appear, looking really pissed off. I wasContinue reading “Boris The Spider”

Keep Music Live

It’s getting close to the 70s and the sun’s going down. I make a detour past an electricals shop catching a bit of the Moon landing on the window display of TV sets and instantly fancy a bowl of Shreddies. Ignoring this Pavlovian conditioning I take the 15 bus back to 1967, getting off atContinue reading “Keep Music Live”