Message received


‘I see they’ve had a reshuffle at Mount Olympus.’

‘Have they?’

‘Yes, they’ve gone all modern. Embracing new technology.’

‘About time, so who’s gone where?’

‘Well, Zeus is still tops but remember that wood-nymph, Skype?’

‘In charge of the toadstools?’

‘That’s the one, she’s been promoted, part of visual communications now; but here’s the shock: Hermes is out.’


‘Well, no one wants a winged messenger these days, not when you’ve got Facebook and texting.’

‘Yes, I suppose not. So where’s he gone?’

‘They’ve put him in a call centre dealing with technical enquiries.’

‘Hermes? Computer hardware?’

‘No, Windows support.’


Friday Fictioneers (FF) is a challenge open to writers all over the world: write a 100 word story using the week’s unique photo as inspiration. This week’s picture is supplied by Al Forbes. (ยฉ Al Forbes)

More hows, whens and whats of FF can be found here at Rochelle’s site. (Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting.)

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Published by mike olley

Mike Olley writes short fiction. He has two collections of very short stories available, Better and Mind Clearance. His work has also been published online as well as in several anthologies. Originally from London, he spent a few years in Spain before a quirk of fate brought him back to live in an English seaside town. He now spends his time gathering storylines washed in by the sea.

70 thoughts on “Message received

  1. When I was at university, our email program was called Hermes. Didn’t have a technical support department though. Nice idea here, very imaginative/

  2. Sooo funny! That last line was a killer. Sometimes with a line like that you know a story has been manufactured around it, but that one really came out of the blue. Excellent.

    1. Thank you, Doug. Your comment is important to us, we will connect you with an operator as soon as one becomes available. In the meantime, please enjoy listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

  3. Wonderful take on the prompt, Mike. Let’s just hope they don’t outsource his job to India. You really press our laugh buttons with this one.

      1. I think Mercury got that one. I know, allegedly they are one and the same but apparently the Italians have more of a natural flair for fashion.

      2. I know not of such finery but having Googled them… HOW MUCH???

        I have to admit some of the designs are quite stunning and worth it.

  4. I never did like that nymph with the toad’s tool. Glad she’s Skyping it now.

    Loved that punchline. Fantastic ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Oh, after spending 4.5 hours with Windows support today and still not getting an answer to my simple question of how do I remove Windows 8 and all it’s junk from my laptop? I understand! BTW the one I talked to was named “Jude”… I should have seen the writing on the screen for that one.

    1. From what I hear you have to be a black belt expert in delicate touch to master Windows 8 or else deactivate all the touchscreen extras. Apparently you either love it or hate it. I’ll stick to Mac for now.

  6. The punchline was awesome. Yes, I laughed out loud. Luckily, I’m on a Chromebook, so I don’t care whether I offend the Windows gods. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Cherry. Not sure who oversees Chromebook but I do know they and the Windows gods all work in the same building and gossip at the water cooler. So the rumour goes : )

  7. A cracking read! This is one of those tales where it seems impossible to have so few words yet so good a story. Now, if only you’d write a continuation of ‘The Gods – where are they now?’.

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