Mind Clearance

Short stories, very short stories and one-liners

Yep, you know the feeling, your mind is like a junk shop, full of day-to-day tat. But, hold on! There are some gems in there, if you take the time to look closely for them. That’s what Mike Olley did, and he ended up with this book’s worth.

Oh yes, from sassy one-liners to stories told in a single Tweet’s length, and beyond, all filled with clever wordplay and humour.

So, be nice to yourself and get some Mind Clearance today.

Great book to read on the go

“This book made me laugh out loud all through. His sense of humor is mind boggling. I loved this book and enjoy his tweets. It definitely made me have to think. Keep your eye out for Humannequins. One of the many great stories.”

Matt K (writes)

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