Thegrey Sponge

The only known image
of Sponge
(G. Roberts)

Thegrey Sponge, pamphleteer and frequenter of coffee-houses, was a character seriously considered by Charles Dickens for inclusion in one of several of his books. For reasons unclear at the time, Thegrey Sponge never made it into the final draft.

It appears that great effort has been made to suppress the work, and even the very existence, of the charismatic campaigner. His involvement in ‘a scandal far beyond government’ has been suggested as a possible theory although no evidence exists to support this.

There was a quiet ripple of excitement recently amongst academics when researchers unearthed a lost archive; the paper contents were severely damaged but amongst the notes were found an open letter to the government written by Thegrey Sponge and a reply to it from none other than George Hanover, the then King of England. Although it is not certain which George of Hanover wrote the reply – the dates on both letters have been erased – at least, and at last we have verification of Thegrey Sponge’s existence.

Where do street names come from?
We mustn’t lose our connection
with history.

But that is all we have: the contents of Thegrey’s letter and the King’s reply cannot be divulged, as the issue is bound by a completely unprecedented situation: the blacklisting of the information is still in force.

The next review date for the lifting of the blacklisting is not until early 2016.

Until then, this website ‘Hard Egg News’ is devoted to the (now solid) memory of Thegrey Sponge and will serve as a platform for cultural dissidents to voice their opinions freely, (especially since the coffee houses have undergone a sweeping corporatisation and they’ve virtually closed all the decent pubs either by: placing the prefix ‘gastro’ to them or, turning them into overly expensive and clinical pre-club bars).

Is there a Thegrey Sponge in your area?

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