Caught up in the mellow drama

The other night I was watching a TV programme about murder in fiction where the presenter kept on talking about melodrama but pronouncing it ‘mellowdrama’. Like: ‘Hey man, let’s do a murder.’

It spoiled the effect really.

mellowdramaMellowdrama – stop saying it like that! The Victorian crime scene suddenly lost all of its haunting black&white magic of bare brick streets bathed in expressionistic shadows – the London smog now just looked like some marijuana haze. Two costumed innocents stumbled across a body.

‘Dude, someone’s dead.’

‘Are they? Far out.’

Who did the police suspect? Everyone. No, I’m not being paranoid. I’ve just eaten a whole tub of humous. I need more. What were we talking about? Oh look, ants.

Mellowdrama, Oh, man! This is crazy Victorian shit cut with a sixties vibe.

Horizontal murder. Who could have committed such a despicable crime? The police were in two minds which was a massive clue. They arrested Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-the-drugs. Except he got off on a technicality as his defense successfully argued he was suffering from a spliff personality. Jekyll, or Hyde, whoever, should have been hanged but instead he got stoned.

I rest my case. It’s tired.

That’s definitely enough mellowdrama for one day.


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Published by mike olley

Mike Olley writes short fiction. His work has been published in several anthologies. A designer by trade, he's also quite a good carpenter and grower of cactus plants. Originally from London, he spent a few years in Spain before a quirk of fate brought him back to live in an English seaside town.

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